Thursday, July 23, 2015

~ Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Worth The Price? And A Few More Tips

The Decorated House ~ Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Worth the Price?

So as you check out blogs and see some fabulous makeovers using chalk paint you could be thinking that you might give this ol' chalk paint stuff a whirl. Then you see the price, especially if you have to pay shipping! It's expensive enough if you can find a local source, but by the time you add shipping it is really expensive. I've been using it for a few years now, and my thoughts on it haven't changed.

** Please note if you are not familiar with these paints, it is NOT "chalkboard" paint that you buy at the craft store. Although they now sell a folkart version of it that you might like to try if you use a 40% off coupon.

The Decorated House - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Worth the Price?Here are some of your questions you have asked me:

Why did you start using chalk?

I really wanted an exact flat, matte finish that I could easily manipulate to and aged look. At first I thought I might try milk paint again. It had been several years since I used it, but remembered the dull, chalky old look of it. Looking for chalky looking paint,  I wound up finding Annie Sloan Chalk paint. And the hype was pretty darn good. I doubted it was that much different than regular flat latex paint. But it is ....  and it isn't. Click on Continue Reading Link Below for more Information.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

~ How to Create a Beautiful Antique Look with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ~ Blues - Wet Distressed & Waxed

The Decorated House ~ Create a Beautiful Blue Distressed Antiqued Finish with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
There's a lot more to these chalk paints then just painting a quick coat of paint and doing a little sanding! Sometime ago I read Annie Sloan discussing working with her chalk paints and waxes to get different looks. So this was an experiment to see how to make a beautiful more aged look.  The finished look is really worth the work. (Click on Continue Reading Link Below for more Information.)

The Decorated House ~ Create a Beautiful Blue Distressed Antiqued Finish with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Above is the old mirror in its original, dull, gold finish and it just didn't work, so it was the perfect candidate for playing with the paints and wax since it had a great shape and nice details.

The Decorated House ~ Create a Beautiful Blue Distressed Antiqued Finish with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
The first color was the bright ASCP Provence for layer one. For layer 2, I mixed the Provence with  Paris Grey.  But  areas of the Provence were left to show a bit more. This needed to dry just a little while so that I do a light amount of dry brushing with white, either Pure White or Old White will do. In the picture above, you can see small amounts of the white showing; it may look like reflected light.

The Decorated House ~ Create a Beautiful Blue Distressed Antiqued Finish with Annie Sloan Chalk PaintThe next step was to do a bit of distressing with a "wet distressed" method. How much water you used depends on the look you are after. In this case, my cotton rag (t-shirts work great!) was just a little damp. And the picture above shows what it  looked like with just using a damp cotton rag to rub off some of the paint. It was a good look even at this point. I did not sanding at this point, just the wet distressing.

The Decorated House ~ Create a Beautiful Blue Distressed Antiqued Finish with Annie Sloan Chalk PaintUsually you want to let chalk paint rest and cure for your finished project. It can take up to 30 days for it to really be fully cured. That is exactly the reason that all these steps work so well. The paint is dry to the touch, but it is not really fully cured yet. Also the paint is very matte flat. If the paint itself had a shine to it or a plastic feel like latex, it is harder to accomplish.

For the next step,  I went back and forth with dry brushing the white paint, letting it almost dry and then waxing over it until the paint began to come off, then painting again, and wiping that off in some places. Why?? As you can see, you are exposing some bits and pieces of the various layers controlling all the time how much you want of each to show and exactly where it shows.

Dark wax was applied next, it was buffed, some places got another dry brushing, then the clear wax was applied and buffed last. You just play with it and see how your piece looks with each step until you get what you want for yourself.

The Decorated House ~ Create a Beautiful Blue Distressed Antiqued Finish with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
In the end, it looked like a very old, time worn finish. A really beautiful look!

**The paints used in the post are "Annie Sloan Chalk Paints" not to
be confused with chalkboard paint.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

~ French Chair Makeover : Distressed French Blue : Wet Distressing with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The Decorated House - Tutorial Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on French Chair
Oh no! I am longing for a nice, not too rustic, distressed chair. Oh well,
sometimes we just have a need for a little change. And since it is only paint, we can
certainlyrepaint a chair  ... once or twice or maybe 20 times!
Not this chair, but maybe a couple others are about to get a simple, new look.

Looking for a really rustic, distressed French Blue look? Try this method.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

~ How To Create a Faux Cement Paint Finish ~ Urn & Succulents Gardening

Readers' Favorites : How to Create a Faux Cement Paint Finish

using an inexpensive plastic urn. 

Update: May 2015
The urn was painted 3 years ago. For a while it sat on a cover stoop/porch area
so it was out of the direct elements of sun, wind, etc. It has also so outside with my other pots for  a months now. It looks exactly like it did when it was first done. The only changes have been keeping the plants to a nice size. Even succulents can get quite large. The aloe grew a lot and was cut back and some put in the ground or in other pots. The other succulents have been
clipped as need, but all did very well. It is now about time to replant the whole thing, but it lasted
for a few years with very little attention. The urn itself is doing a bit more aging with the rain and humidity, but the paint has held up very nicely.

After going without rain for some time and spending so much time watering to keep all the pretties alive, we had a few days of non-stop rain. Another downpour early this morning, before the plants could dry out even a little from the last few days. Mother Nature teaches us patience or why it's good to buy plants where there is a one year guarantee.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

~ Decorating with Succulents & Silver and How To Create a Succulent Dish Garden

Decorating with Succulents & Sliver at The Decorated House

It's a great time of the year to bring in a little touch of the garden. After cold weather or too much rain (or too little) in some parts of the country, wouldn't a little touch of living green add some warmth?!

You can grow succulents in any number of containers, and silver is a
really pretty choice. Complemented with white, the silver
adds a bit of reflective light and show offs the rich green. 

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Monday, May 4, 2015

~ How To Make a 5 Minute Pillow ... Maybe 10 Mins.

The Decorated House - How to Make a 5 min. Pillow Cover

You can make a pillow like this in 5 minutes!
(Or maybe 10 if you are like me with sewing.)
Tutorial and Step by Step Directions:
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

~ How to Print on Fabric Using an Inkjet Printer - Image Transfer - DIY - Tutorial

The Decorated House: ~ How to Print on Fabric - DIY - Tutorial - Inkjet Printer Image Transfer

There are many ways to create an image transfer on fabric. This is one of my favorites!
And it has become one of my reader's favorite tutorials as well.

Forget the spay glue adhesive and freezer paper. This is much better.
It is very easy to do and requires no messy chemicals to transfer your image to fabric. 
This tutorial will show you how to use your inkjet printer at home.
(I have read that others used their laser printers for fabric,
but I have not tried it, so I cannot say how it works from my
own experience.)

** All art in this tutorial is the original, copyrighted
art of Donna, The Decorated House. **

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Friday, April 3, 2015

~ Happy Easter!

The Decorated House. 2014 Decorated Easter Mantel

Wishing You
a Very, Happy Easter!

See Y'All Soon~

Sunday, March 8, 2015

~ Spring and Easter Decorating : The Decorated House

The Decorated House - Decorating for Easter Vintage & New

It's Sunday and it's sunny! Makes your heart sing for Spring, doesn't it?
Although if you still have snow or cold, I'm sure your 
heart is really, really singing loudly for Spring to come find you ... now.
And I hope you have some spring flowers soon.

The Decorated House - Easter Cloches & Abigail Bunny Art

Have a Wonderful, Happy Sunday.
See Y'All Soon~

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

~ Decorating Peat Pots for Spring and Easter

The Decorated House : Decorating Peat Pots : Altered and Decorated Peat Pots for Spring and Easter!
Looking for some fun ideas for Easter decorating? 
How about making some pretty peat pots?!

Peat pots can be found in the garden section of the big box stores, nurseries and even ol' Big Lots and Target.  They can be dressed up or left more rustic, whichever way appeals to you. My choice was to

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