Saturday, August 2, 2014

~ Decorating with Shells - Gifts from the Sea

 The Decorated House ~ Decorating with Shells - Vintage Blue Bottle - Starfish

Living Room Mantel 
Moss Ball in Vintage Milk Glass Urn
Starfish, Shells and Antique Blue Bottle
Living in a sub-tropical beachy location for almost my entire life means that shells bring back lots of memories. Mostly very good memories, some not so much. The good memories are of the hours upon hours spent on the beach looking for special shells to take home from another wonderful summer weekend at the beach. Funny how even the most common shell was quite special then through a child's eyes. The not so good was the very tacky decor that could be found in any beach area of the U.S., and maybe still so today? Shell jewelry, shell mirrors, turquoise and pink or peach color schemes .... oh wait, maybe some of that decor is still going on today! Yes, it is. And amusing to those who lived through that very tacky time, today the same  things used in moderation can be fun and more up to date than we would have thought possible.

 The Decorated House ~ Summer Decorating with Shells - Milk Glass

Vintage Milk Glass with Shells
on Marble Top Table

A few years ago during a beach vacation, I started noticing more the gray, taupe and white shells. As with most things created by Mother Nature the colors worked so perfectly together. Tempered with a strong dose of white and off-white, these are the colors I love to use today as neutrals since you can change the feeling of your room so quickly by adding any color you wish, even turquoise which seems like a beautiful color again today.

 The Decorated House ~ Decorating for Summer with Shells - Milk Glass - Bromeliads

Marble Top Table with Shells
and Vintage Milk Glass
and Antique Books
While at the beach this year, the same exact colors of shells drew my attention. After bringing the few new ones home  to add to the previously collected ones, I studied the exact colors of the shells which were so enchanting to me. Again total love of these neutrals colors which can work with any other color.

Their lovely colors and textures complement old books, bromeliads in vintage milk glass as well as the white fireplace mantel or a marble top table.
The only time the shells come out for decorating is the summer time, but their color inspiration stays all year long.

See Y'all Soon~

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

~ New Ottoman From An Old Wicker Trunk - Chest

The Decorated House :: Antique Books with Vintage Silver and Moss - Living Room Ottoman

This post started out about simple vintage silver and old books with a dash of moss. I love this combination of elements, shiny, heavy texture, garden green, aged silver, all on a almost rustic piece of unbleached cotton with its lovely woven texture. 

However  the evolution of the ottoman - coffee table is another of fun project, too. 

The Decorated House :: Antique Books with Vintage Silver and Moss - Living Room Ottoman
After looking for a long time for a coffee table for the living room, 
I gave up and used something I already had, which I never thought
would be making an appearance in the living room.

There was a chest that looked like the one above out on the porch. I was tired of the natural wicker bamboo look and painted it white to go with other white pieces on the porch. But I really had no room for it any longer on the porch.  Next I asked Sweet Daughter if she wanted it. We do this exact dance so often. She said no, she had no room for it on her porch. So I thought about it one more time before deciding if it would go to GoodWill or Restore. Usually after I redo whatever it is that I offered Sweet Daughter, then she wants it and remarks that the "after" product is not what I offered her. Which is true.   (The picture above is from

I liked the size of the chest and I still didn't have anything to use for a coffee table in this space, and it was needed. The silver leaf  white coffee table that I showed here came a bit later, and I change them back and forth with the mood of the day. So I didn't have much to lose if I tried to make something new out of it.

The Decorated House :: Making an Ottoman from Wicker Chest

After giving it a little thought as to what I really needed, the answer was the same as any other time, we need anyway to get more storage. And the chest is a good size to hold about a room's full of  Christmas Decorations or pillow cover and throws.  So I made a cover for it and use it as an ottoman. The cover comes off for easy cleaning. Since the main cover is white, I also made an off white  cotton runner for the top out of the same fabric as some of the pillows and it can be washed more often if needed. 

The Decorated House :: Vintage Silver with Moss and Antique Books, Rusty Lock and Skeleton Keys

Perfect place to show a few found treasures, a plant or sit a drink or a book you're reading. And it will certainly do for now, or for a while.

In the first picture you can see a little bit of the French chair which has a new seat. The tutorial for how to upholster a simple chair like a side chair or dining chair is HERE
On the sofa is the "5 Minute Pillow" done in the same fun blue design. You can find the tutorial for making a 5 Minute (or 10) Envelope Style Pillow HERE.

See Y'all Soon~

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

~ Bringing Summer Inside with Flowers & Seashells

The Decorated House : Summer Decorating with Shells

You would think with the heat outside that it would be a really good time to give the inside of the house some attention. Sounds so logical doesn't it?  But the projects and repairs seem endless outside as well. For a breather from the dust, dirt and heat, I decided to just bring out some pretty shells and think peaceful thoughts of the beach ... at least for a moment or so. Shells can help you do that. Some of the shells we collected on vacation; mostly they were purchased since so many incredibly beautiful ones are found all over the world. This is the one time of the year that I really enjoy having shells on tables, on the mantels or gently piled in a dish. It helps bring the love the ocean home since the beaches become way too crowded this time of year for me.  

The Decorated House :: Summer Decorating : Shells, Flowers, Ex Voto, Vintage Milk Glass

The hurricane glass in a vintage milk glass bowl with the seashells around it is such a simple idea and very easy to put together. A pair of them  would be pretty on a table for a coastal, beachy dinner or lunch. Bringing blooms in from your flower garden or from flowering trees is another very simple and totally free idea for spreading summer sunshine inside your home. Add a few star fish and sea shells and you can almost smell the the ocean breeze as you just take a moment to relax. 

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

~ Summer Gardening and Succulents

It's been a race to get the flowers in the ground before the worst of the heat is here for the summer. Since today and tomorrow it is supposed to hit 96 to 97 degrees, I tried  to finish up with all those little pretties who convinced me to bring them home when I went to the nursery and garden center. 

Along with the flowers and annuals, I like to add some flowering succulents. The succulents lend the beauty of their green leaves, and are so little work, so they have become a staple of gardening. And the fact that you can find some that either have really pretty blooms or in the case of the lovely stonecrop, its fabulous bright green works so beautifully with the greens of coleus and sweet potato vine.

Have a wonderful weekend!
See Y'All Soon~

Monday, May 12, 2014

~ Happy Flowers & Gardening Weekend!

The Decorated House. Courtyard Flower Garden 2014

The heat is setting in  quickly here. Of course it usually does this time of year, but since we had a brief heat spell and then a slight cool down, the new round of heat seems a bit hotter and sooner arrived than usual. The dance of finding the right flowers in April and May was much the same again. When it is a tiny bit cooler, it is the perfect time to start planting but the flowers aren't in the nursery or big box stores yet. As soon as it hits 90*, sure enough, the plants are there and we are ready to wilt in the heat even before the plants get in the ground. None the less, it is a dance well worth working at and we just hope we get a bit better at it each year. 

The last month or so all my energy has been filling the kitchen side courtyard with flowers That often means a lot of annuals, which a swear I won't "waste" the money each year. Seasoned gardeners will always say to spend the money on perennials instead. Mostly I agree, but a pretty little lovey wearing an annual tag will reel me in every time if the color and shape is perfect for my mood that day. And so the dance will probably continue for many, many more years if I'm very lucky. 

This is a little look at what is in the raised berm in the courtyard this year. Many of the tried and true friends from past years. They sometimes have the same companions, and sometimes they get a new friend or whole group to try on the colors with. 

In the front it starts out with Lime Green Sweet Potato Vine and the Dark Purple, Blackie Sweet Potato as well. There are Fan Flowers growing between them which will show pretty purple flowers as soon as it catches up with the length of the vines.  To the right of the Blackie, is Stonecrop, and some Pink Zinnias.

Above the vines are planted  (from the left) Torenia, also called the Wishbone, Angelonia in white and lavender. The middle and back has White Pentas (the tall ones), Caladiums, and the beautiful deep purple Persian Shield, which is a tender perennial. 

Behind the caladiums and Mystic Spires Salvia. And there is a taller yellow blooming bush behind that. 

The work now is to keep it all watered and to accept that some of these annuals cannot make it through the whole summer with our extreme heat. I hope your gardening adventures are going well!

See Y'All Soon~

Friday, April 18, 2014

~ Happy Easter!

The Decorated House. 2014 Decorated Easter Mantel

Wishing You
a Very, Happy Easter!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

~ A Little More Easter Decorating

The Decorated House - Easter Entry Table 2014

The weather has been so nice out it is perfect for getting some new flowers in the ground. And lots of shrubs and things need a trim. So it's been a little hard getting any decorating done with Mother Nature calling so loudly to come out and play. 

It has been fun to find the bunnies and see exactly where they would like to go for Easter this year. I'm always happy that I didn't give away all of them when  Easter and Spring arrive, and they do brighten up the holiday so nicely.

The Decorated House - Decorating for Easter Vintage & New

The entry table this year is host to my other favorite bunny who is charming in his cute little jacket. He's been around for a few years and it's always easy to find a spot for him. The cement garden bunny came along and is joined by a sweet bunny inside a the large covered jar.

The Decorated House - Easter Cloches & Abigail Bunny Art

New to the Easter party this year is Abigail Bunny holding her little friend Chicka Dee and in her basket is a delicious chocolate bunny along with some decorated eggs. (She is available in the etsy shop.) I used the gray painted eggs with lace with some spring lime green eggs, and the color combination is a new love.

The Decorated House. Easter Decorating with Vintage and New

The paper flower wreath is wearing a white dotted burlap bow and another little bunny nestled in the  center of it. The Easter display is finished off with a succulent  and a moss ball both in sliver cups. And a little crown just because .......

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Monday, April 7, 2014

~ The Decorated House - Easter Mantel 2014

The Decorated House Easter Mantel 2014

There was a time when there were a lot of bunnies around here. None of them were real rabbits; those do not come to play in my garden. Which is probably a good thing since I've heard they like to eat a lot of plants and flowers that you did not intend growing for them.
But when Easter and Spring come along each year, it seems that the my bunnies have multiplied even though  I haven't bought one in years. And I swear I gave a bunch away. None the less, this time of year, I'm usually surprised and delighted to see them and quite happy some have stayed around.

The Decorated House Easter Mantel 2014

The mantel is dressed this year with an Art Print from my Shop, The Bunny Chandelier. Printed in gray, it looks really wonderful in that old gray painted frame that I used the chalk paint on. The altered - decorated peat pots and the paper and fabric covered eggs with the leaping bunnies are also being used again this year. Along with the vintage style bunnies, I've added a couple of hand made clay mushroom houses that I  have had for 30 years. They stay in a cupboard with glass doors so dust doesn't settle on all that intricately made elements.
You can click on the picture link below for last Easter's decorations and
some directions on how to make you own pretty peat pots.
The Decorated House. Easter. Decorated Peat Pots

The Decorated House. Vintage style Bunny for Easter Mantel 2014

This little Easter bunny is my favorite. The plastic gray egg next to him is painted with Paris gray ASCP. From the closeup of the mushroom house you can see how fantastic details the artist gave to each of her magical creations. Perfect for welcoming the magic of Spring!

See Y'All Soon~

Saturday, March 29, 2014

~ Decorating for Easter

The Decorated House. Decorating for Easter. Moss Ball, Cement Bunny, Antique Vellum Book
It's time for Easter decorating this weekend, I hope! Here are a couple of pictures from a couple of years ago. One of the best things about blogging is that you can go back and see images from other years. I totally forgot about that cute garden bunny. Wonder where he is? He might hop back inside again this year.
The bunnies are running wild in the house this year. Even this little old garden bunny is inside. I think he has been somewhere on the porch for couple of years, although he was an outside bunny once upon a time. He is sitting beside a reindeer moss ball in a slightly tarnished bowl. Together they are perched atop a beautiful antique Italian vellum book from 3 Fine Grains.

Thanks for the nice comments on the last post, but I deleted the whole thing due to an overactive spamming party over the weekend. Thank goodness blogger has that spam filter now. I've included the same picture below that was in that post. An open shelf cupboard with drawers in the kitchen. It won't be there forever since open shelves are too much work to keep clean for me.

The Decorated House - Kitchen White Dishes - Small Space Storage

This coming week I'll add a few more pictures of Easter decorating around the house.
Thank you for stopping by!

Have a Great Weekend 
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